About Us

G Media HQ entrance

Pride in our work

At G Media, we take pride in our work, both individually and collectively. We strive to raise the bar each time and aim for continual improvement in all aspects of our work to be the best in business at what we do.


We are committed in adhering to extremely high moral and ethical standards. We respect each other and the work that we do. We respect all stakeholders of G Media, and we aspire to be employer of choice in the industry.

Commitment to Excellence and Personal Responsibility

Our business involves consistently turning out a creative product of high quality, on a rigorous schedule. We do what it takes to meet that schedule and meet G Media’s goals. As professionals, we exercise personal initiative and take responsibility for the outcome. Our reputation is important to us and we therefore adhere to the highest standards of quality and performance.


A professional attitude and personal responsibility calls for honesty. We provide information to all G Media stakeholders as honestly and accurately as possible and we are professional, fair and honest in all our business relationships and dealings.
G Media HQ

Mutual Respect and Collaboration

As members of a professional and creative group, each of us is committed to the success of G Media. Our efforts are aimed at producing our best work, individually and collaboratively. The working environment at G Media is casual and dressed down, but we hold a deep respect for each other’s skills, professionalism, and commitment, and we support each other all the time.


A climate of mutual respect and collaboration in a creative enterprise demands honest, straightforward, and respectful communication. We encourage open communication as well as staying in touch with each other and keeping the team informed of what we’re doing.


We’re not slaves to the old. We do not do things only because they have always been done that way. We try new things even if there is a fair risk they may fail, because we know that only new and interesting ideas can come from being brought outside our comfort zones.

We experiment and seek innovation in an effort to find new, more effective ways of delivering a superior product both technically and creatively.