G Media Lighting tip number 1

Tuesday, August 18th, 2009 at 16:57

Ah, lighting. A concept that I am still in the process of getting my head fully around. Pretty important for shooting video, though I believe the stills side of things relies heavily on it as well. Garion Hall from G Media taught me about it like this: To break it down, for basic lighting in a video situation, what I do is create a big soft source of light pointed at the subject on a 45 degree angle from the camera, (we will refer to him as Key), and maybe add a couple more of the guys for some fill or back light. Of course depending on the mood you’re going for this may well not be the case, but for argument’s sake let’s just say it is. You’ve got yourself some nice soft light which creates those curvy shapes and the depth on the subject that is so desirable.

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