On the road armed with an iPad

Sunday, May 2nd, 2010 at 17:22

Recently I was in the US on business and the trip coincided with the launch of Apple’s iPad. I decided to head down to the nearby Apple Store, approached one of the Apple Genius and asked if I could pick up a 16GB iPad. She said the 16GB and the 32GB iPad models were sold out in that store. I asked her to check the other stores in the Los Angeles area and they too were sold out of both models. I walked out with a 64GB iPad under my arm.

I sync’ed the iPad with my MacBook and transferred my powerpoint presentation to the iPad, edited and animated the slides, hooked the iPad up to a projector and walked through the presentation. It was so easy!! It was less hassle and in less time than firing up the MacBook and hooking it up to the project. As I was on my way to San Francisco on a Virgin America flight (you can connect to the internet on the flight!!! $14.95 for a 30 day pass), I went through the presentation once more, surfed the web, emailed work and friends, checked out FaceBook and LinkedIn, bought the rad Siri Personal Assistant app (will write about this on another blog) from the App Store on the iPad. Apart from presentations, I used Pages (word processor) and Numbers (spreadsheet) to finish off meeting notes and reviewed some financial data. All this was done, literally, at the touch of the screen. The UI was easy and intuitive – it took me less than 10 mins to read through the instructions and master all the finger gesture commands.

As I expected, the presentation went like a treat. Using the iPad allowed me to be more personal with the people I was meeting with – they sat next to me looking and pointing to charts and graphics immediately before us rather than at some projector screen 5 meters or so away. I now use my iPad as my notebook, taking meeting notes and saving it to my directory. Having experienced how suitable the iPad is for me, I can’t wait for the 3G version which would allow more mobility.

- TH

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