Content-Aware This

Monday, March 29th, 2010 at 16:16

This is your Healing Brush.

This is your Content-Aware scaling.

And this is your Healing Brush and Content-Aware Scaling on steroids. Because every now and then something comes along in the post-production world that makes you lose your freaking mind. In a good way.

Your first question? How in Holy Hell (no, that is not an oxymoron) is this possible? How can an algorithm know how to do this without the aid of fairy dust, Rainman or Richard Branson? Well, a couple of fancy-pants Adobe researches have paired up with a professor from Princeton and a PhD student to whip up a delicious algorithm called PatchMatch. Which, surprisingly, is not a board game for hip, iPhone-wielding quilt-sewing sugar-induced ADD twenty-somethings. It’s actually a “Randomised Correspondence Algorithm for Structural Image Editing” or “Algorithm to put half the world’s photographers out of business and the other half into lazy, jaded and slightly over-caffeinated Photoshop monkeys”. But AWESOME monkeys, so it’s OK! Yes!

So when will we expect to see this feature in Photoshop? Adobe Creative Suite 5 will, according to Adobe, hit the stores on April 12 2010. Which coincidentally is the date we plan for CEO Garion Hall to order it for us, thanks! Nevertheless, CS5 is expected to include a number of advanced technologies, like three dimensional brushes and warping tools. It also is expected to bring more aggressive use of the GPU, including improved utilization of theĀ CUDA GPU computing technology found on NVIDIA graphics cards.

OK, so we wouldn’t know a randomised correspondence algorithm from a bottle of medium spiced salsa, but we’re already thinking of the many applications for the Content-Aware fill. Photobombers ruining our superb photographic technique, the occasional Facebook friend who never wants to be tagged and will therefore be content-awared out of the photo completely, the ugly power line obscuring our otherwise misleadingly romantic sunset photos, the unfortunately placed hand in group photos, the junk mail in our Inbox, some of your hair (when you need a haircut), the person in front of you at the cash register with too many groceries, Nickleback, your girlfriend with the weird fetish of dressing up like herself and pretending to be obnoxious, politicians, utility bills, Lady Gaga, cracks on the pavement you continually trip over no matter how many times you try to remember where they are, dirty clothes, the cast of every reality television show in existence, and pickles.

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