Robots and pants

Thursday, March 25th, 2010 at 16:15

So apparently the interwebs can do wonderful things for your career. Not the kind where you tell everyone on Facebook – and inadvertantly your boss – how much stationary you stole on Friday, but the kind where you make a video of robots blowing up your city and posting it to YouTube so that Mandate Pictures can ask you to direct a 30-40 million film and give you 1 million real non-Monopoly dollars that did not come from drug lords in South America or Who Wants to be a Millionaire, which is sort of the same thing really.

That’s what this guy did. Not the drug lords part, the part with robots and blowing stuff up.

So we thought, yeah, this is a cool video. The post production is a little rough, but he definitely has some skills and he knows how to use them. But then we wonder, well, there were no actors, there was no plot, no narrative. Just robots. And destruction. And robot destruction. How is he going to direct a 30 million dollar film? As it turns out, he won’t be writing his own script, but will be directing someone else’s. Either way, we hope he’s up for the challenge.

Yeah but, we hear you ask, do they actually go anywhere? Can these backyard directors actually succeed? The answer is yes. Sometimes yes. OK, occasionally yes. Although it usually helps if Peter Jackson happens upon a few shorts you’ve done in your spare time. And it usually helps if you use your own camcorder, shoot yourself playing the part of a robot, rotoscope, and then you have something like Tetra Vaal. Or a documentary about extraterrestrials marooned in Johannesburg, called Alive in Joburg. Adidas gives you a small budget to make a viral campaign about an artificial intelligence gone rogue that kinda sorta doesn’t really relate at all to shoes. Or yellow. But it’s called Yellow. Then you go ahead and make some freaking awesome shorts for Microsoft’s Halo 3 video game:

Peter Jackson asks you to direct the Halo movie. The studios pull out and the project falls through. So instead, you make a movie version of Alive in Joburg, using the same gritty style of cinematography with seamless CGI so that it becomes a critical award-winning success. This would be called District 9. Which you should know already because if you haven’t seen District 9 we don’t want to be friends with you.

Another newcomer to YouTube filmmaking: the guys behind What’s in the Box?, which went viral last year despite using ballerinas in soldier costumers (you’ll see what we mean if you watch it all the way through) and have since been approached by big wigs in Hollywood. Meanwhile, we here at G Media Post Production, are scratching our heads, possibly with our pants off (hey, it’s Friday), and wondering why we hadn’t thought of this. or why our CEO, Garion Hall, hasn’t thought of this. We’d like to think Garion will ask us to make a video that includes robots, pizza, sex and explosions and robots. Oh wait, that’s Transformers. OK, so robots, explosions and something resembling a plot. But when Peter Jackson comes knocking on our door we’d have to put our pants on. So maybe we’ll just stick to being awesome at what we do and leave the robots for Hollywood. Or Hollywood for the robots.

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