Siri – Virtual Personal Assistant

Sunday, May 2nd, 2010 at 17:41

Imagine your day is filled with meetings or you’re busy with whatever it is that’s diverted your attention. You may need to book a table for dinner tonight, buy concert tickets, book a flight for that much needed getaway, BUT you have no assistant nor have you got time to look things up. Siri is a virtual personal assistant app that can do all this for you! The input device is your voice and operates the same way as Google Voice Search. The app can be downloaded from the Apple App Store, but only works in the US at the moment.

The other day, I demonstrated it to a work mate. I asked for a dinner booking at a restaurant that serves duck in Fitzroy, Melbourne, Australia. Siri came back telling me I need to book a flight from Los Angeles to Melbourne and asked if I’d like to look at some flight schedules!! However, it didn’t tell me which restaurant it had in mind for me. But then again, Australia is not flushed with businesses with an online presence and APIs to go with it (API – application programming interface – this allows software applications to talk to each other). For a lay person, what Siri does is recognise your voice request and inputs those details into, for example, an airline booking webpage and then presents the results to you for your decision.

It’s a shame Australia is so far behind to make use of Siri.


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