Why I love my typewriter

Friday, April 9th, 2010 at 12:38

I am lucky enough to work at G Media, a company filled with bright, tech savvy employees who do amazing things with all the latest and greatest technology and software, what else would you expect from a progressive media company whose fearless leader, Garion Hall, is always raving about some new ‘thingy’ he has discovered that is going to change the way we do business. Inspiring stuff! Which makes it difficult for me to admit that I have been harboring a deep dark secret; I love using typewriters. I know it’s not cool, but I do.

My love of using the typewriter began when I purchased my second-hand Olivetti manual typewriter. I would spend hours taking longhand notes for school assignments, and then typing them up. My typewriter always encouraged me to get the story right first time round. I would pound away at the keyboard, each letter typed  followed by a resounding ‘click’. I was mesmerized by the brisk action with which it’s hammers sculpted its letters onto the paper and the reassuring ‘bing’ when I had arrived at my manually set margin, then I would reach for the jabby little carriage return lever and move to the next line. I loved the portability, the lack of electricity, of not being “plugged in” to the wall.

I never ever had an accident where I pressed a button and accidentally deleted my work, never to be seen again. And no-one ever tried to hack into my typewriter! It was very secure and I didn’t need to remember a password. Typewriters are much more straightforward to use than computers as they only have one function – typing, it is the simplicity that I long for sometimes.

I am feeling particularly nostalgic about my typewriter as this week I ‘lost’ a document I spent a significant amount of time working on and wanted to present to Garion. Needless to say I was devastated when I couldn’t find it. This would not have happened if I had typed it up on my trusty Olivetti, black words on white paper rolling up in front of my gaze. I know, this may sound like an impossibly Spartan ideal, where cut and paste is done with scissors and glue, and deleted words remain on the page as angry little blobs. But today I am left jaded by my smarty-pants computer.

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